Our Mission

Blackville-Hilda Public Schools is a district where...
High Expectations lead to
Academic Achievement in an atmosphere
Where failure is not an option,
Knowledge leads to excellence and 
Success prevails.

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School Make Up Day

Our first make-up day due to the previous hurricane closings is November 1, 2017.  All teachers, staff, and students will report to school at their regularly assigned times.

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Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

Barnwell District 19 believes:

  • All students can learn when provided meaningful appropriate learning opportunities.
  • A clean, safe nurturing environment is essential for learning.
  • A highly qualified motivated staff with high expectations is essential for all children to learn.
  • Community involvement and parental support are crucial to the learning process.
  • The district must have a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure student achievement and promote life-long learning.
  • Our schools serve a vital role in the unity and development of the community,
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