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Life Science Syllabus


                                 Blackville-Hilda Middle School

   446 Country Club Road, Blackville, SC


2017-2018 Course SYLLABUS  and Procedures


Teacher: Mr. Czar F. Mendoza

Telephone: (803) 284-5900

Room: 208

Email: czar.mendoza@barnwell19.net


  7th  GRADE  


A. Class Description and Goals

Science is mankind’s effort to learn about our world through the processes of observation and experimentation. Along with learning basic science processes and skills, our class will be focusing on the following areas this year:   


•Matter and its properties

•Acids and bases

•The organization of life

•Heredity and adaptation


My main goal as your teacher is to help you succeed both in the classroom and in life. Science is a fascinating and applicable subject that helps us better understand the workings of the world around us. Even more important, though, I want each of you to fall in love with learning. No matter how old we get, our ability to learn and understand new things plays an important role in our lives. I want each of you to become lifelong learners!


B. Gifted and talented students

  • Provide alternatives for students who complete their work early.
  • Allow students to make choices in their learning.

• Help them learn to set their own learning goals, then provide them with the

opportunity to work towards those goals.

• Create a contract with students that outlines tasks to be completed, concepts to be

learned and the evaluation technique so students can be active participants in their learning.


C. Discipline Plan

  • “The teacher has the right to teach, and each student has the right to learn.” To help protect such rights, and to ensure that everyone is completely able to learn and succeed in class, I have established the following rules and consequences:


Classroom Rules

1.No cellphones and headsets

2.Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.

3.No food and drink allowed

4.Bring all required materials to class each day.

5.Raise your hand to be recognized

6.I Dismiss you!



  1. Warning
  2. Lunch detention
  3. Call home
  4. Office referral


D. Class Materials

  •  Science Text book
  • pencils
  • science journal
  • Note: every  student will be assigned to bring materials for the experiment 1 week before the scheduled laboratory activity


E. Required Text and other Readings:

  • Interactive Science
  • Articles from eScience3000


F. Absences and Assignments

Students are expected to meet assignment deadlines, and I will accept assignments on  the day they are due for full credit. Any work submitted after that time will be considered late. Late assignments will be reduced by a full grade. I will not accept any work beyond one day of the due date.

Much of the work we will do is “in class work,” meaning we do it together in class. As long as you attend class daily and work hard, there is no reason why you can’t successfully accomplish these assignments during class.


G. Make-up work

If a student misses a class, it is the sole responsibility of the student to consult with the teacher concerning make-up work or missed assignments. Work should be made up at times convenient to your teacher. Work made up due to absence does not count as retake In the event of spite over makeup rights, the principal will be the final authority. If a student is absent for several days, the parents may contact the guidance office to request assignments. 24 hour notice is needed before assignments can be picked up to give the teachers time to collect necessary materials.



H. Retake Policy

There is no reason for student to fail at blackville-Hilda Middle School. Every student at BHMS will have the opportunity to retake the tests, assignments, projects or quizzes. Students are allowed a total of 5 retakes for each nine weeks per class. Students and teachers are responsible for arranging suitable times for retake. Work made up due to absences does not count as retake.


I. Grading Policy

Grades are based on a variety of assessments including bell work, participation, class work, homework, quizzes, tests, and projects.

Grading Scale

A= 90 - 100

B= 80 - 89

C= 70 - 79

D= 60 - 69

F= below 60



Test:                40% ( Unit Test, Laboratory Test , Projects)


Quizzes:          30% ( quiz is given on a regular basis)


Classwork:      20% ( Laboratory activity, eScience3000)


Homework:     10%




Cut along the dotted line, and return the bottom portion to your teacher




I have received the Course Syllabus and requirements for 7th Grade Life Science.


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