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                                                                 Elementary School Book Shelves

Students love to visit the library

  • to check out books to read and use as resources and references for projects,
  • to select books or magazines for leisure reading or classroom projects,
  • to use our computers to locate and research information or create multimedia projects,
  • and to seek the assistance of the library staff to complete assignments.

Click here to access our online card catalog.

Read the South Carolina Association of School Librarians selections of best books to read:
2019-2020 Picture Book Award Nominees
2019-2020 Children's Book Award Nominees
2019-2920 Junior Book Award Nominees


January 2020 Focus of Lessons:
PreK and Kindergarten - Nonfiction-Fairy Tales/Fables, Review Parts of a Book
First Grade - Story Elements, Non-fiction Text Features, Review ABC order
Second Grade - Intro to Dewy Decimal System and Library OPAC, Review Fiction and Nonfiction and ABC Order
Third Grade - Book Talks, Fables/Myths/Folktales, Review Library OPAC and Dewey Decimal System
Fourth Grade - Fact and Opinion, Genre Characteristics, and Book Talks
Fifth - Using Reference Materials, Fact and Opinion, Create and Present Book Talks
Sixth - Eighth Grades - Create and Present Book Talks. Review text features


Picture Book Award 2019                    Children's Book Award 2019                 Junior Book Award 2019

Picture Book Award Winner 2019                                Children's Book Award 2019                             Middle School Book Award 2019


MES Library Games

This is a website that students may visit to enjoy some free online games which incorporate our library vocabulary and Dewey Decimal Numbers.


Shelving Game
This website provides an opportunity for the students to put three, five, or eight books in ABC order for library shelving.






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