Superintendent's Message

I am excited to serve as Interim Superintendent of Blackville-Hilda Public Schools. With the onset of the 2019-2020 school year, I ask all members of the Blackville-Hilda Community to:

  • Accept the Challenge
  • Change Lives
  • Celebrate Success

Let us accept the challenge of providing the best education to our children, so that they will be productive citizens. Our instructional initiatives have set us on the right path. We will continue the implementation of Balanced Literacy in all grades to ensure that our students can read and write on grade level. Our implementation of Everyday Math in grades kindergarten through 6 will ensure that our students have the mathematical skills they need to transition to high school, higher education, and to the workforce. Our use of technology will provide our students with the 21st Century skills needed to make them successful in our increasingly technological driven world.

Let us change the lives of our students, helping them grow up to be confident, responsible, and self-reliant. We live in an increasingly troubled world. As adults, we need to be the rock that our students can rely on. Please join me in creating a school environment that which all of our students feel safe, comfortable, and ready to learn.

Let us celebrate the success of our students. Blackville-Hilda Public Schools has a fine tradition of Championship football and basketball teams, alumni who have attended and graduated from prestigious Colleges and Universities, and have become successful, respected professionals. The path to their success started at Macedonia Elementary School, Blackville-Hilda Middle School, and Blackville-Hilda High School. Let us continue to celebrate the success of all of our students.

I ask for your support as we work together to prepare our students for the future.



David W. Corder

Interim Superintendent

Blackville-Hilda Public Schools


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